To book an appointment complete my secure booking form below or contact by:
Text (609) 515-7963

Alternative @ for discretion:

**If emailing or texting, please be sure to include the following:**

  • ID is required for all bookings. (can blur out address) Face, Name, DOB must be visible.
  • Appointment details  (time, date, location, duration)
  • Screening Info (You only need ONE of the options to pass screening)
  1. Companion reference (The more info the better: website, email, phone number)
  2. PreScreened / vouched member of p411 or private delights. You will also need to send me a message from your handle.
  3. Proof of employment (examples below but not limited to) 
       a.  Discreet email from work  (I won’t reply)
       b.  Picture of work badge 
       c.  Business card 
       d.  Pay stub or business related info

In the event that you cannot do any other screening: Picture holding ID near face & 100% deposit for appointment.

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