Appointment details: (Time, Date, City/State, Duration)

  • ID is required for all bookings.  Face, Name, DOB must be visible. Can blur address & license number if preferred.
  • Screening Info (You only need ONE of the 4 options below to pass screening)

Option 1.  Companion reference (More info the better: Name, website, email, number)

Option 2.  Member of p411 or private delights with “Okays”. Send a message from your handle.

Option 3.  Proof of employment (examples below but not limited to)

       a.  Discreet work email (Use Alt @ above)
       b.  Picture of work badge
       c.  Business card
       d.  Pay stub or related business info

Option 4.  (Only if can’t do 1, 2 or 3) Picture of ID, separate picture holding ID near face & 100% Prepayment prior to arrival.

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